Hilton Hotel – UltraSanitary

Dirty Toilet Plungers Destroy Guest Confidence

Guests don’t want grungy toilet plungers, that can drip on the floor or make a mess, in their bathroom. Even the perception of lack of cleanliness and hygiene can cause them to lose confidence in cleaning and sanitizing practices within other areas of the hotel. The UltraSanitary Plunger maintains clean, sanitary conditions, so guests are confident in your processes, enabling you to protect guest retention, brand reputation, and revenue.

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Why choose UltraSanitary?

Guest Experience

• Instills confidence in cleaning & sanitization processes - guests can Stay with Confidence
• Professional solution, aligns with expectations
• Less disruptive to guests - quicker than conventional plungers

Health & Safety

• Protects user health - minimizes exposure to germs & bacteria
• Eliminates cross-contamination throughout the facility


  • • Focus on hospitality and excellent experiences
• Reduces chemical usage and supports sustainability
• Preserves brand reputation


Protects guest loyalty and retention equating to +$6.4MM (est.) revenue across U.S. Managed and Franchised hotels

U.S. Patent: 10801195         Copyright 2021, Thomas C. Morse.           1313 Hemlock Drive, Greenville, NC. 27858.       252-227-9706