UltraSanitary with Grunge Guard - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions



All of your UltraSanitary and Grunge Guard™ questions answered here!

How does the UltraSanitary Plunger with Grunge Guard™ work?

The Grunge GuardTM keeps your plunger from ever touching the toilet water so it stays clean and dry while unclogging your toilet. Here's how it works in 4 simple steps:

WRAP the Grunge Guard™ around the plunger.
RELEASE the clog by plunging your toilet.

REMOVE and properly dispose of the Grunge Guard™.
RELOAD a new Grunge Guard™ into the UltraSanitary plunger
so it's ready for your next use.

It doesn’t get any easier than the UltraSanitary plunger!


How do I load the Grunge Guard™?

Loading a Grunge GuardTM is quick and easy

  1. EXTEND the flange from inside the rubber plunger cup

    INSERT the tab of the Grunge GuardTM through the end of the cup
    and pull the tab through the opening in the side of the handle.

    STORE the Grunge Guard™ in the cup of the plunger

Are the Grunge Guard™ protective sleeves flushable?

This is a great question! While there are products on the market that claim to be "flushable," most of those products clog or create operational issues with sewer and septic systems, as described in the results of a recent study on 'flushable" products. We don't want to create a bigger problem than we solve, so we do not offer flushable Grunge GuardsTM.

A recent study, Defining Flushability for Sewer Use, provides detailed information on testing and analysis of products that claim to be 'flushable', but this paragraph summarizes the findings....


...‘flushable’ indicates that a product is safe for wastewater collection systems. However, based on the results... none of the products other than bathroom tissue are ‘flushable’. Therefore, eliminating the use of the word ‘flushable’ from consumer products can help to reduce, if not eliminate, the presence of these products in wastewater collection systems, treatment plants, and the natural environment.

-Defining Flushability for Sewer Use, Anum Khan, Barry Orr and Darko Joksimovic with Ryerson University, March 31, 2019

Can I use any plastic bag as a sleeve?

Our Grunge GuardTM Protective Sleeves were designed and engineered with materials and features to function properly with the UltraSanitaryTM Plunger. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the UltraSanitary Plunger when used without genuine Grunge GuardTM sleeves.

Can I purchase more Grunge Guard™ Protective Sleeves?

Yes! Replacement Grunge GuardTM protective sleeves are available for purchase in 10-pack and 20-pack quantities. Please contact us for larger quantities. Smaller quantities are not available due to the economics and shipping costs.

How dirty is my old plunger?

Considering your toilet bowl contains millions of bacteria per square inch, plus other germs and viruses, your typical grungy plunger is exposed to all of those contaminants every time you plunge your toilet. Then those germs not only get on your plunger, but also on your hands, your floor and spread across your toilet.


Does it really work?

Yes! Our Founder is an engineer who spent 20 years in new product design and develop in high-purity industries such as pharmaceutical, semi-concductor and nuclear applications where cleanliness, sanitary conditions and worker protection were critical. Concepts used in those industries are incorporated into the UltraSanitary plunger. While it may look like a plunger with a bag over it, a considerable amount of research, development and testing was required in order to ensure that the plunger functions properly (what good is it if it can't unclog a toilet?), and also stays clean, dry and sanitary. We've tested this on hundreds of clogged toilets and have successfully unclogged them all and maintained a clean, dry plunger.   

How to unclog a toilet and not make a big mess.

Most people know how to unclog a toilet. But, do you know how to unclog a toilet without making a big mess? We created this video to show you how to do exactly that. Plunging doesn't have to be frantic and uncontrolled. Slowing down and taking your time during the plunge will save you a lot of time, effort and frustration of having to clean up a big mess!


Returns & Exchanges

We want you to be thrilled with our products, but if you are not satisfied, we want returns to be easy.

We accept returns for 60 days after shipment on any product that has been unused*. We will issue a credit, replacement product or refund. And we will pay the return shipping.

*For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns on plungers that were or are contaminated, or Grunge GuardTM Protective Sleeves that have been used. If you have an issue with a plunger or Grunge GuardTM Protective Sleeves that are contaminated, please describe on the Return Form and include a contact number so we can promptly resolve the issue.

Three easy steps to return:
Click here to complete the Return Form and a Return Label with FREE SHIPPING will be emailed to you.

Pack the product into the original box and attach the return shipping label (remove or cover the original label). If you don't have the original box, don't worry, any rigid box will work.

Drop the package at your nearest USPS (US Post Office) or local shipping center that ships via USPS.


No More Disgusting Plungers!

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